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Name:the justice lounge
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Sure, there’s hordes of evil to be stopped, people in peril, outer space battles to fight. But in-between, there’s a full-service cafeteria and lots of other superheroes to talk to.

Looking for a mature, active, one-year-strong DCU roleplay that offers plenty of plotty and casual RP? One where it’s cool if you want to race/gender/sexuality/etc.-bend some DCU superheroes? One with an in-house artist who draws the characters? Come join us in the Justice Lounge!

Bullet point sales pitch:

- minor time commitment, only three comments/posts a week (can be in a conversation)
- curious what it’s like? Check out our archived threads
- any DC comics character (minus the New 52) or DC Animated character (minus Teen Titans, Young Justice, and Green Lantern) is allowed
- [personal profile] glockgal makes art of the RP characters and events and in-jokes
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